If you like the suspense tomorrow, the film Maligno is released, a horror thriller that will give you some scares.

The genre of psychological terror tomorrow opens a new Bandar Slot cinematic proposal with the film Malignus, by director Nicholas McCarthy, who brings together the young actor Jackson Robert Scott to give him his first big lead, who joins Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black ) to bring us a film that speaks of the supernatural, but this time more than demons are spirits that reincarnate.

With an aura of mysticism and paranormal touch, the film Maligno is a suspenseful film, which presents a scary story that starts well, but stagnates as the story unfolds, diluting all its potential to stay in a strange movie, without essence, that simply seeks to frighten us without success.

Now, I think my biggest complaints with the film Maligno is the development of the story, I do not know, at some point it seems that they just wanted to tell a story of possessions without demons, it’s like wanting to have an ice cream, without using ice cream, it ends up being something I miss that he never manages to take off.

But, on the other hand, photography, the soundtrack and the rhythm of the sequences, work well to achieve frights and frights from time to time; but, this horror movie, lacks the basics, TERROR.

In addition, I think that, how the development of the mystery is handled, leaves much to be desired, and this is not the first film that speaks of reincarnations, and for example in the indie film Origenes, the approach that emerges from life is more interesting after death and the return of the soul to the physical body; However, in the film Maligno, how we are presented with the facts of the reincarnation of evil itself, ends up being strange, not very credible, added to rare dialogues lacking in logic.

So, if you ask me if I like it, the truth is a resounding no, although it has everything a thriller needs, technically speaking, the story ends up disapproving what could have been a good, but, above all, different horror story.

Synopsis of the movie Maligno

What is it about? On the eve of the birth of Miles (Jackson Robert Scott), a terrible psychopath dies linking those two souls to the same body, this makes Miles look like a super-developed baby, or a prodigy, because he knows, understands and is capable of having knowledge that A child of such a young age can not, that happens, because the murderous psychopath continues to have his conscience and is able to take control of the child’s body.

This makes Miles amazingly clever, but with an evil essence, hurting everyone who is close to him; this will make his mother Sarah (Taylor Schilling) who perceives that something bad is happening will look for the answers to end the one that surrounds her little son.

The cast of the evil Maligno

Usually children actors tend to be very bad with very mediocre performances, but, Jackson Robert Scott manages to offer us a good performance, despite the flaws of the logic of the story, and another good element on screen is Taylor Schilling, who truly mind on paper.

However, the good performances of these protagonists do not save the story in general, and the lack of logic in the plot avoids that connection with the tape.

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In these times of bloggers and social networks, everything is reviews, comments and criticism, and the most daring dare with a movie review, some with better results than others. And it is that to make a good review of a film is not so easy, it requires certain knowledge and a close relationship with the world of cinema. Therefore, we tell you how to make a movie review correctly.

review movie

Writing a movie review is more than just giving your opinion

How many times have we met with reviews of films, even the best and acclaimed ones that only criticize them without mercy, to doubt the professionalism of the cast or the rest of the team that works in it … and what a rage it is! Because some of those people may know what they speak or are close to the sector, but the truth is that the vast majority only want to draw attention and highlight the lowest way that exists and, in many cases, their criticisms are not They have no foundation.

It is not about criticizing without further ado, something we are very good at in this country, but about making an assessment of a work and contextualizing in space and time, knowing the motivations of the director, the personal circumstances of the protagonists or the effort and creativity of the team of professionals who have worked in it.

To avoid falling into the same mistake as others, we will explain in simple steps, how to write the review of a movie, how it has to be, and without offending anyone, which is not necessary. If you are one of those enthusiasts of the seventh art, you may one day be interested in writing your own film blog, so pay attention, here we will teach you how to do it well.

Steps to write a movie review

  • First, you have to contextualize the film, talk about the year in which it was made, as well as the nationality it represents and include it in a thematic category, for example; action, romantic comedy, thriller, western, etc.
  • Next, you will offer all the information related to the production of it. The director, scriptwriters, directors of photography, cast of actors and other relevant professionals who have intervened in it.
  • You must provide additional information, such as a curiosity to highlight, an anecdote during the filming, as well as nominations or awards that may have been received.
  • Make a brief synopsis, as objective as possible. Here you do not have to talk about what you think of the movie in question, but to make a summary without entering into ratings.
  • Finally, you will give your personal opinion. This is the time to assess, to say if you like and do not like it and to explain why, to base your ideas on this. This is where your professionalism will be demonstrated. It’s not about destroying anyone, so do not be cruel.

One of the most anticipated films of this year, mmmm, which I say this year, a long-awaited movie, is the new film version of Stephen King’s great horror novel, It, a fascinating story about fears, friendship and evolution; After a successful miniseries in the nineties, now, many years later Warner Bros. Pictures revives this classic of literature, which also became a cult movie, today we have the opportunity to relive this creepy story with better effects and a Pennywise more frightening, or that’s what they promise us, a horror story that will blow your mind.

Now, I must say, that after all the great commotion and uproar over this tape, after everything I had read, after the first people left the movie theaters and said “brilliant, magnificent, the best horror story “, The truth is that I raised my expectations a lot, also, not for nothing the box office of this film is making history, something behind the movie That should make it the best horror film in history, the bad news is that Not so, although it is entertaining, the setting is good, I think this adaptation is missing essential things in history, yes, the special effects are notoriously better in this new version, but in the miniseries of the nineties, I think I, there are more important and fundamental elements of history.

I think this film is good, it’s entertaining and it’s for a young audience, but of that to say that it’s the best horror movie in the world, there’s a great world, and the terror that the miniseries aroused in the nineties, no longer can replicate this remake and I think my biggest complaint is that much of the art, much of the ghosts and scares that are used to scare the children of the club losers, are closely related to other horror stories, these “demons” They reminded me a lot of the art we saw in the Conjura, I think James Wan definitely marked the cinema and now we see that vision of ghosts and demons, everywhere, even in the movie Eso.

This film I think is far from the terror and suspense of the original story, and rather focuses on the genre of scares and another thing that seemed quite poor, is that the film is not focused on telling the story of friendship that generates the club of the losers and how they are dedicated to investigate the mystery of Derry, which is read in the book; again, key pieces such as the help of the Maturin turtle, Chud’s ritual, are left out of this impressive story; in other words, the key foundations of this film are left aside and the focus is more on the scares that the children receive.

And although there are only scares in this story, the tape is long; Now, if there are some elements of the book in this adaptation, but I think it was very short and it is not the big story of fear, that I had sold chapter one of Eso.

Maybe my big problem with the movie Eso, is that I expected the best horror film, when it is not like that and they have inflated it too much, if you are thinking it is a scare movie, it might seem like another movie of this genre .

The best? The best Pennywise in the world? This is already a debate that generated much controversy, but I tell you, I thought it was long, tired and had high, very high expectations that hit reality.

Synopsis of the movie Eso

What is it about? It is the story of the curse of the people of Derry, a violent and strange place, in which people have a hard time, especially children, who have mysterious and macabre disappearances.

But it all starts when Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott), a little boy who goes out to play in the rain, is eaten by the clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård), this makes his brother Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) begin to look for a reason to the death of his brother, but he will not be alone and during the summer, with the help of 6 other children, he will look for the answer to the tragic events of Derry, and while they investigate, he and his friends, called the losers’ club, Pennywise begins to scare them, to be able to eat them and take them to the place where they all float.

The cast of the movie That

From the movie That, some names jump, among them the one of Bill Skarsgård, who is considered a teacher for his new version of Pennywise, I think it was not bad, and this actor could really capture the evil essence of the clown That, speaking of other interesting performances are those of Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, and Sophia Lillis, these children who carried the plot on their shoulders.

My opinion of the movie Eso

I was waiting to see the best and brightest horror story, but as I was watching this story, the sad reality brought me back to the world and the movie Eso, is a story about scares, that was what disappointed me the most, to find a movie that did not break schemes, a tape that follows the same steps as other scary stories like the Sorcery, Insidious, in short, It, I end up being one more movie of the bunch, which does not stand out for nothing.

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